Mark Wahlberg: The Actor’s Net Worth

Mark Wahlberg

Million Euros
Million Euros
birth date June 05, 1971 (50 years old)
Born in Boston, MA, USA
nationality USA
marital status married to Rhea Durham (since 2009)
job Actor, Model, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur
Full name Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg

How much money does Mark Wahlberg have?

Marky Mark has had an impressive career. Because the former front man of a hip-hop formation with the almost satirical name “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” was not only able to celebrate great success as a model for the popular Calvin Klein label. In fact, the American, originally from Boston, has meanwhile developed into an actor to be taken seriously. His net worth also shows that cinema audiences love him. Mark Wahlberg has an estimated net worth of $290 million . However, Mark was only able to celebrate his cinema breakthrough quite later. Namely at the age of 26 with “Boogie Nights.”

Great achievements

Later in his career, however, came the roles that would bring him far more recognition. For example, Mark Wahlberg starred in Departed, which also starred Leonardo DiCaprio . In 2007, he was not only nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his work on this film. He was also sure to be nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” at the annual Academy Awards (Oscars). Incidentally, the Wahlbergs’ gene for success seems to run in the family. Because his brother Donnie Wahlberg also makes a good living as an actor and singer.

Mark Wahlberg was able to bring in great success with his films. A great actor who has won awards for many of his roles. Ted and Ted 2 brought a lot of money into his coffers. But Pain & Gain was also very successful, where Mark played together with Dwayne Johnson. His filmography is long, just to name a few classics: Transformers, Daddy’s Home – One Father Too Many, The Gambler, Shooter, Max Payne and many more are absolutely worth seeing!

While his music career is long gone, Mark Wahlberg now not only makes his living as an actor, but also as a TV personality and entrepreneur. After all, there is even a TV series dedicated to the family business of the Wahlbergs, a burger shop that calls itself “Wahlburger”. Mama Alma sure likes to see her three boys, Donnie, Mark and Paul, working so closely together. The famous name has certainly not harmed the success of the restaurant chain, which plans to expand into other parts of the USA in the future. But somehow Mark Wahlberg has to feed himself and his four children as well as his wife Rhea, with whom he tied the knot in late summer 2009. Even if none of his films are in cinemas.

UFC share

Mark Wahlberg has owned a smaller stake in the company since the sale of UFC in 2016. He bought into the highly profitable MMA league for a total of 45 million US dollars and wants to increase his fortune with it. Along with other celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Jimmy Kimmel and the Williams sisters, he also shares in the profits.

Mark Wahlberg private

While some fans may wish lingerie model Mark Wahlberg back, Mark has matured a lot. After all, he is a father of four and the A-League actor no longer has much in common with his old image as a rapper. Mark comes from a modest background. His father, who unfortunately passed away in 2008, worked as a delivery driver. His mother, on the other hand, worked as a nurse and bank clerk. In addition, the parents of ten children did not have much money. Thus, Mark and his nine siblings, one of whom died prematurely in 2003, grew up in a rather poor working-class area of ​​Boston, USA. Not only did a large number of different ethnic groups come together there, but the crime rate was high.

While Mark Wahlberg can rightly be celebrated as a multi-millionaire and Hollywood superstar these days, he lived on the poverty line in his youth. His parents also divorced early (1982), which was a real turning point in Mark’s life. So it’s not surprising that he only graduated from high school a few years ago as an adult. Mark became violent and criminal, and has faced multiple court cases for his actions. However, music saved him.

Brother Donnie, who was himself a member of New Kids on the Block, also had a hand in this. He helped his little brother get a record deal that would change his life forever. Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg is not only a well-known actor, but also established his own foundation in May 2001. The “Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation” is particularly committed to various youth development programs. The A-lister thus wants to help other young people to be protected from criminal acts such as their own youthful sins and to make their own assets available for this purpose.


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