Apex patch notes

Apex patch notes

Apex patch notes

Respawn Entertainment has rolled out another major update for Apex Legends, bringing numerous bug fixes and improvements to the battle royal shooter. This includes several tweaks to the game’s map layout, which now features three large islands, as well as a few gameplay adjustments.

The most notable additions include the addition of a new weapon type called the “Vault”, which allows you to pick up weapons dropped by enemies, as well as the return of the “Revenant” character class. Respawn has also added a new mode called “Challenge Mode,” where players fight against each other in a round-based format.

In terms of gameplay, there are also multiple balance changes, including one that removes the ability to carry two grenades at once, along with a fix for the “Seer” character class. Finally, there’s a change to how the “Vantage” weapon works, allowing it to deal damage over time rather than instantly killing opponents.

Apex Legends September 6 update: full patch notes

The latest Apex patch notes Legends update brings with it a number of bug fixes and balance changes. There are no major new features added to the game, but there are plenty of little tweaks here and there. Here’s what you’ll find in today’s update:

General Fixes & Improvements

• Fixed issue where players could lose connection during a match while loading into a battle.

• Fixed issue where the “You’re Out!” notification did not display properly on mobile devices.

• Fixed issue causing the game to crash after detecting a Mirage decoy.

• Fixed issue preventing death totems from being used against dropoffs.

Gameplay Changes

• The “Vault” item is now available to all characters. It can be picked up using the “Pick Up Item” button.

• Characters will now have a maximum of 2 grenades at any given time. If they already have more than this limit, they will automatically discard their current grenade before picking up a new one.

• Revenants can now use the “Crouch” skill again.

• The “Sniper” character class has been removed.

• The “Vantage” weapon has had its damage reduced slightly.

• The “Seer” character has received a slight buff to its healing abilities.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue where the “Lucky Strike” weapon was not correctly displaying its name when equipped.

• Fixed an issue preventing players from equipping the “Pistol” weapon if they were carrying a melee weapon.

• Fixed an issue preventing players who were spectating a player from seeing them equip items.

• Fixed an exploit where players could gain infinite XP through the use of certain items.

Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat Patch Notes

Respawn Entertainment announced today that Apex Legends Mobile’s Mid-Season Update, titled Hyperbeat, will arrive on August 23rd. This update will include several major features and improvements including:

New Game Modes – Battle Royal, Team Deathmatch, Capture & Hold, and Last Man Standing

New Characters – Kestrel, Zarya, D.Va, Ana, McCree, Torbjorn, Mei, Sombra, Wrecking Ball, Genji, Bastion, Pharah, Tracer, Winston, Soldier 76, and Sigma

New Weapons – Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, LMG, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launchers, Incendiary Grenades, EMP grenades, and Concussion Mines

New Maps – Sandbox, Canyon, Jungle, Snowy Mountains, Moonlit Forest, Frozen City, and Iceberg

New Items – New Supply Drops, Supply Drop Boosters, and Gold Chests

New Hero Skins – Kestrel, D.Va, Zarya, Bastion, Wrecking Ball


Is Now Available In Apex Legends Mobile For Free

The popular battle royale shooter is getting another character added to the roster, and it’s one you might recognize from Fortnite. On Thursday, developer Respawn Entertainment announced that the free addition of Crypto is now available to download. Crypto joins the likes of Tracer, Genji, Sapper, and others already available in the mobile version of the game.

The mobile game is built around a different set of rules compared to the main game, including a perk system where players can unlock special items and bonuses to help boost their performance.

Apex Legends Mobile – How Does Crypto Work?

Unlike many other heroes in the game, Crypto isn’t a superpowered killing machine. Instead, his abilities are focused on helping him survive longer than anyone else. While some of his moves let him heal himself and his allies, others allow him to protect himself against damage and even make use of environmental hazards like traps.

Crypto’s abilities are divided into three categories — Movement, Protection, and Utility. Each category includes four skills, each with a cooldown timer that must be used within a certain amount of time. These timers can be extended by equipping certain gear pieces. Some of those pieces include armor, weapons, and accessories.

Players can choose to play as either the good guy or the villain in the game, and the hero side offers a few advantages over the villainous team. Heroes have access to two extra health packs during matches, while villains receive fewer of these life savers. They also start off with a larger shield that helps block incoming attacks.

As mentioned above, there’s a perk system in place for both sides. Perks are unlocked by collecting crystals throughout matches. Players can spend these crystals to upgrade existing perks or unlock entirely new ones.

Pythas Theater Town Takeover

Rhapsody’s floating party ship, the ENcore Galore, is heading to Airbase for the upcoming Pythas Theater Town TakeOver. The event challenges players to battle their way through Rhapsodies’ POI-altering musical tunes to claim exclusive rewards. Players must use their feet and ears to navigate around the ship while avoiding the dangers of falling into the sea.

Players are able to take part in the event by purchasing tickets on the Rhapsody Store. Tickets cost $1 each and grant access to one song per day. If you want to play multiple songs, you’ll need to purchase multiple tickets. You can earn additional tickets by completing special events like the Daily Challenge, Weekly Challenges, and Monthly Challenges. Each challenge grants up to 15 tickets.

The event runs from February 26th to March 9th. For more information about the event.

VIP Supply Bins

Hyperbeat is finally here! With it, we are bringing you something special: VIP Supply Bins. These supply bins contain powerful equipment that will make you stand out among the competition. Opening these supply bins gives you a chance to earn a special VIP Pass, granting you access to crates containing powerful items.

Rhapsody’s Underground Store Vault

A new series of cosmetics will soon be available through a Store Vault update. Called Rhapsody’s Underground, the cosmetics are inspired by some of the most popular characters in Final Fantasy XIV Online. They include the following:

– Blackjack

– Chaiya

– Galdino

– Jidori

– Kefka

– Miho

– Nokama

– Pina

– Tizel

– Yuria

The cosmetics are available starting today. Players will find them under the “Cosmetics” category in the Store Vault interface. To access the store vault, players must complete the event “Eternal Journey.”

In addition to the new cosmetics set, Store Vault events will no longer contain a guaranteed chance of obtaining an Eternal-tier item. Instead, there will be a slight increase in the chances of getting an Eternal-tier item during each event. This change applies to both regular and limited-time events.

Hyperbeat battle pass

Season 2.5 introduces a brand new battle pass called the “Hyperbeat Battle Pass.” This season-long event includes 50 levels of cosmetic items including skins, emotes, voice lines, decals, emote overlays, and more.

The Hyperbeat Battle Pass starts today, August 23rd at 5pm PST and ends on September 21st at 11am PDT.

You’ll receive one free level per day throughout the duration of the event. To unlock the remaining 49 levels you must earn credits by playing matches on the mobile game. Credits are earned each match played. You can earn up to 500 credits per day. If you reach the maximum daily credit cap, additional credits will be awarded based on how many times you’ve unlocked the next tier of rewards.

Each level unlocks one item type from the following categories:

Level 1 – Skins

Level 2 – Emotes

Level 3 – Voice Lines

Level 4 – Decals

Level 5 – Overlays

Level 6 – Weapon Attachments

Level 7 – Mounts

Level 8 – Pets

Level 9 – Pet Accessories

Level 10 – Avatar Items

Level 11 – Title Effects

Level 12 – Color Change Effects

Level 13 – Item Sets

Level 14 – Character Stances

Level 15 – Hair Styles

Level 16 – Face Styles

Level 17 – Body Types

Level 18 – Skin Colors

Level 19 – Weapon Durability

Level 20 – Weapon Damage

Level 21 – Weapon Speed

Level 22 – Weapon Range

Level 23 – Weapon Critical Strike Chance

Level 24 – Weapon Accuracy

Level 25 – Weapon Crit Severity

Town Takeover: Pythas Theater

The next stop on our tour of King’s Canyon is Pythias Theater! This location features a host of activities including a casino, arcade games, bowling alley, live music venue, and even a movie theatre! There are plenty of things to do here, so make sure you don’t miss out!

If you’re looking for something fun to do while you’re in town, we recommend checking out the following attractions and events:

• Casino – Get ready to roll the dice and spin the slots!

• Arcade Games – Play some classic video games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong.

• Bowling Alley – Hit the lanes and take aim at those pins!

• Live Music Venue – Catch some great local bands playing everything from rock to jazz.

• Movie Theatre – Watch a flick under the stars and enjoy a meal afterwards.

We hope you have as much fun as we did exploring this beautiful area of the world!


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