celine dion net worth

celine dion net worth

Estimated value: €400 million
Age: 53
Born: 03/30/1968
Country of origin: Canada
Source of Wealth: singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” was and is a smash hit. Everyone knows the song from the Oscar-winning film “Titanic”. But the Canadian singer can do much more – and on top of that has an interesting life.

early life

Celine Marie Claudette Dion was born in March 1968 in Quebec, Canada. She is the youngest of fourteen children and comes from a rather poor background: Her father Adhémar Dion was a simple forest worker before he became self-employed and started to run a small hotel together with his wife Thérèse. So Céline Dion not only knows luxury, but also the life of the common people.

However, she has always known that she loves to sing. At the age of five, little Céline sang songs in the piano bar of her parents’ hotel. At the age of twelve she finally composed her first song with the help of her mother and a brother: “Ce n’était qu’un rêve”. Manager René Angélil became aware of him, signing Dion and helping her with her first album. Not only was he her manager, but later also her husband and father of her three children.


Already in 1982 as a teenager Céline Dion sang at a festival in Tokyo. The following year she received her first gold record in France and by the late 1980s she was already well known both there and in her native Canada. However, her worldwide breakthrough came in the early 1990s when she re-released the classic “The Power of Love” and sang in the theme song to Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.

During the 1990s, Dion achieved further success. Among other things, she contributed a song to “Schlaflos in Seattle” and released the album “Falling Into You”, which was in the UK album charts for almost four years. The album “D’eux” was also very popular in non-French speaking countries for the first time, although Dion only sang in French on it. In 1997, the world-famous film “Titanic” helped her to become famous, for whose title song she received several awards.

Also in the 21st century, Celine Dion released more albums in French and English. During this time, her career was overshadowed by her husband’s cancer, who died in 2016. From 2003 to 2007 and from 2011 to 2016, Dion performed several times a week at a Las Vegas hotel, where a mansion was built specifically for these concerts. She also sang the title song for “Deadpool 2” in 2018 and presented her latest album, “Courage” the following year.

Career highlights

Celine Dion is one of the most successful singers in the world. She has sold over two hundred million albums and is worth several hundred million euros. In 1988, when she was twenty, she won the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland. A few years later, she landed her first international hit with “The Power Of Love,” which sold two million copies and was nominated for a Grammy.

She actually got the Grammy in 1992, namely for the title song to “Beauty and the Beast”. Dion sings the female part in this duet and is known for it to this day. In general, film music seems to be close to Céline Dion’s heart, because she wrote music history in 1997 with “My Heart Will Go On”, the title song to “Titanic”. This song is Dion’s biggest hit to date and not only received three Grammys, but also an Academy Award.

In the nineties, Dion landed numerous other successes. This includes, for example, the album “D’eux” from 1995, which is the most successful French-language album of all time. It topped the album charts for 44 weeks and has sold four million to date. A year later, one of the most successful singles was “Because You Loved Me”. This song comes from the film “Aus Naher Nahe” and achieved gold status in Germany.

Famous quotes

– It’s in the moment you think you can’t, that you can. (The moment you think you can’t anymore, you can.)
– If you follow your dreams, you follow your heart. If you follow your heart, I don’t think it can go wrong. (If you follow your dreams, you follow your heart. If you follow your heart, nothing can go wrong I guess.)
– I’ve never been cool and I don’t care. (I’ve never been cool and I don’t care.)
– Everything that I decide to do means something, otherwise I don’t do it. (Everything I do means something, otherwise I don’t do it.)

Amazing Facts

– Céline was named after a French song.
– Dion didn’t want to sing “My Heart Will Go On” at first, she only did it because her manager put some pressure on her. To this day she doesn’t like the song.
– Celine Dion took language courses to be able to publish songs in English. To this day, French is still her favorite language when singing.
– Aerosmith’s hit “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing” was originally written for Dion.


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