Eddie Murphy: Actor’s Fees & Net Worth

Million Euros
birth date April 03, 1961 (60 years old)
Born in Brooklyn, NY, USA
nationality USA
marital status dating Paige Butcher (since 2012)
job Actor, comedian and singer
children 10 (Angel Iris, Bria, Shayne Audra, Max Charles, Miles Mitchell, Izzy Oona, Bella Zahra, Zola Ivy, Christian, Eric)

How rich is Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy is filthy rich, making this American one of the international comedy superstars. The native of New York was not only very busy on stage and in front of the camera. After all, this man has ten children, including a daughter with Mel B, the former Spice Girl. However, Eddie initially denied his paternity, so that a DNA test had to prove the opposite. After all, the comedian seems to have learned a lot from his failed relationships. In any case, as a hundred-fold millionaire, he can take good care of all his children. Eddie Murphy ‘s estimated net worth is $125 million .

Credit to Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy has been in a relationship with his current girlfriend Paige Butcher since 2012. The couple now have a daughter together. Nonetheless, Murphy has so far refrained from getting married again. Despite his personal escapades, the American’s career was largely excellent. Forbes magazine consistently ranks him as one of the highest-earning actors in Hollywood.

For example, between June 2007 and the summer of the following year, the star raked in $55 million in fees. This sum is equivalent to almost 50 million euros. At the same time, only Will Smith made more with $80 million and Johnny Depp with $72 million. However, Eddie Murphy shared his third place behind these living Hollywood legends with Mike Myers at the time. From acting on stage to acting as a voice actor , including on several Shrek films, Murphy has figured out what it takes to make a substantial fortune. According to Forbes, Murphy is also one of the most overpaid actors. the Films starring Eddie Murphy would only recoup producers $2.30 per $1 in production costs .

The highest fees

Eddie Murphy creamed off big fees. His hit list of films is very long, we list his highest merits for you:

7 Beverly Hills Cop – 1984

Murphy was paid $14 million for Beverly Hills Cop.

6 Beverly Hills Cop III – 1994

While the actor was only paid $8 million for Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), the third installment in the series was a well-paid success. He was paid $15 million for Beverly Hills Cop III.


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