Future Fortune 2022: How rich is the American rapper really?

Future Fortune

Estimated net worth according to celebritynetworth.com: 34 million euros
Estimated fortune according to Forbes: 19 million euros
Estimated wealth according to WealthyPersons.com: 42 million euros
Average of all reputable sources: 31.66 million euros

Important information about Future

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn (born November 20, 1983), better known by his stage name Future, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he first got involved in music as part of the collective Dungeon Family, where he earned the nickname “The Future.”

After releasing a string of mixtapes between 2010 and 2011, Future signed a major label deal with Epic Records, which helped launch Future’s own label, Freebandz. He then released his debut album Pluto in April 2012. Future’s second album, Honest, was released in April 2014, topping its debut on the album charts.

Future’s net worth details

Most of his wealth comes from streaming revenue and music sales. He is said to have earned nearly $23 million from streaming alone.

He also has sponsorship deals. Future makes a few dollars from sponsorship deals he has with Reebok. He has his own label. Here he effectively earns money from the records of his other artists.

Personal life

Prior to his music career in 2004, Future was arrested for theft and receiving stolen goods. Wilburn currently has six children with six different women: Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, singer Ciara, Joie Chavis, and another unidentified woman. He was engaged to Ciara in October 2013. Their son, Future Zahir Wilburn, was born on May 19, 2014. Ciara ended the engagement in August 2014 due to his infidelity. His fifth child, Hendrix, was born in December 2018.

As of 2016, Future is being sued by both Jessica Smith and Ciara. Smith is suing him for failure to pay child support, stating that her son “suffers from emotional and behavioral issues stemming from Future’s neglect as a father.” Ciara is suing him for defamation and slander.

In October 2016, a judge said the series of tweets in which Future criticized Ciara had nothing to do with the $15 million she was asking for.

In 2019, two women from Florida and Texas each filed a paternity lawsuit, alleging that Future was the father of their respective daughter and son; should he be confirmed as father, the number of his children would rise to eight. In 2020, the Texas woman withdrew her paternity suit.

Due to the many children, none of whom live with him, huge sums are incurred thanks to Future’s high salary. These generally have a negative effect on his overall assets, since he also has to support the mothers of his children with maintenance payments.

musical style

Future uses auto-tune mostly in his songs, both rapping and singing. Pitchfork Media magazine wrote that Future “wonderfully shows that it’s still possible for Auto-Tune to be an interesting artistic tool,” noting that he “finds a multitude of possibilities for the software, emotions to accentuate and color”.

In 2014, rapper T-Pain, who also uses Auto-Tune, criticized Future’s unconventional use of the tool. In response, Future explained in an interview, “When I first used Auto-Tune, I never used it to sing. I haven’t used it like T-Pain. I used it for rapping because it makes my voice sound stronger. Now everyone wants to rap with Auto-Tune. Future is not everyone”.


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