Halle Berry Net Worth 2021 – Rich, Richer, Halle Berry!

The American actress, former model and beauty queen has an estimated net worth of $70 million. A woman whose combination of talent, tenacity and beauty has made her one of Hollywood’s busiest actresses. Halle Berry’s success is the result of years of hard work and a few career dips.

Berry’s interest in show business was sparked by her participation in a number of beauty pageants during her teenage years, including winning Miss USA 1986. Berry was born and raised on August 14, 1968 to an African American father and a white mother in Cleveland, OH after her parents divorced, she went to live with her mother, a psychiatric nurse. She first burst into the limelight at age 17 as the winner of the Miss Teen All-American Pageant and went on to become a model. Berry made her professional acting debut on the television series Living Dolls, followed by Knots Landing before landing her screen debut in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever. While filming this film, she gained a reputation to devote himself fully to acting. Alle Berry is the only African American actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. She continues to work in films and is currently a voice actress for Revlon Cosmetics. Halle earns about $16 million a year as an actress.

  • Source of wealth: film, modeling
  • Age: 54
  • Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Height: 5′ 6″ (1.68m)
  • Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
  • Marital Status: Engaged (Olivier Martinez)
  • Full Name: Maria Halle Berry
  • Nationality: United States
  • Date of birth: August 14, 1966
  • Ethnicity: African American, German, Irish, English
  • Occupation: actress, former model
  • Education: Cuyahoga Community College, Bedford High School
  • Children: 1 (Nahla Ariela Aubry)

Halle Berry Net Worth and Salary: Halle Berry is an American actress, former model, and beauty queen who has a net worth of $90 million. She is known for her performances in films such as Swordfish, several X-Men films, Die Another Day and Monsters Ball, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Early Life: Maria Hally Berry was born on August 14, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her first name was legally changed to Halle when she was five years old. It was a reference to a local department store called Kaufhaus Halle. Her parents divorced when she was four years old and from then on she lived exclusively with her mother.

In the early 1980s, Halle began entering beauty pageants. In 1985 she won both Miss Teen All American and Miss Ohio USA. In 1986, she placed second in the Miss USA pageant. She then took first place in the Miss USA World Beauty Pageant.

In 1989, Halle switched her focus from modeling to acting. That same year, she landed a role on an ABC sitcom titled Living Dolls . She appeared in 12 episodes. In 1991, she landed a role in the Spike Lee film Jungle Fever . More film and television roles followed, and by the mid-1990s she had become one of the biggest stars on the planet. In 1996, she earned her first major paycheck when she earned $1 million to work in Executive Decision .

In 2000, she made her first appearance as Storm in the X-Men film franchise. She starred in a total of four X-Men films.

Personal Life: Halle was initially offered a career-high salary of $2 million to play opposites Hugh Jackman and John Travolta in Swordfish . According to legend, she initially agreed to do a topless scene in the film, but then got cold feet. Because she didn’t want to remove the scene, Warner Brothers reportedly increased her salary by $500,000 to shoot the full topless scene, bringing her total payday to $2.5 million.

<: Halle accepted a significantly smaller paycheck, $600,000, to star in Monsterball . She would win the Oscar for Best Actress for the 2001 film.

The following year, she earned $4 million for starring in the James Bond film Die Another Day . Then, in 2003, she earned $6 million for her role in Gothika .

In 2004, Halle earned her highest single-career salary when she earned $14 million — $19 million in today’s dollars — to star in the rebooted Catwoman . From that point on, Halle was consistently earning $10-12 million for each major film role. She was consistently one of the highest paid actresses in the world throughout the 2000s.

Actor: Halle won an Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Award for her portrayal of Dorothy Dandridge in the film Introducing Dorothy Dandridge . Berry also won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her leading role in Monster’s Ball and was nominated for a BAFTA award in 2001 for the same performance. Halle Berry is the only African American actress to win an Oscar for Best Actress.

<: Halle signed her first Revlon endorsement deal in 1996. In 2004 she renewed her contract. After winning her Oscar, she demanded that Revlon increase her annual salary from $3 million to $5 million. Today, she probably makes more than $10 million a year from Revlon alone.

Personal Life: Halle was married to baseball player David Justice from 1993 to 1997. From 2001 to 2005 she was married to musician Eric Benét. She dated Canadian model Gabriel Aubry from 2005 to 2010. They had a child together. She was married to actor Olivier Martinez from 2013 to 2016. They have a child together.

In 2014, a judge ruled that Berry had to pay her ex, Gabriel Aubry, over $16,000 a month in child support for their daughter, Nahla, until she turned 19. The court also ordered Berry to pay $115,000 in child support retrospectively and that Aubry pay attorneys’ fees. Berry is fully responsible for paying tuition for Nahla’s school and both parents will share healthcare costs. Berry and Aubry met in 2005 and split in 2010, sparking a bitter custody and child support battle. Tensions erupted in a physical altercation between Aubry and Berry’s husband, Olivier Martinez, on Thanksgiving Day 2012, when Aubry came to Berry’s home to drop off then-4-year-old Nahla. Legal battles between Berry and Aubry also included Berry’s attempt to relocate her daughter to France and Nahla’s nanny seeking a restraining order against Aubry. Both parents have shared equal custody of Nahla since their custody battle ended in spring 2011.

Real Estate: Halle Berry has a net worth of $80 million. She was one of the highest paid actresses in the 2000s. Since 1996, she has enjoyed a lucrative contract with cosmetics company Revlon, which currently pays her an estimated $10 million a year.

Assets: $90 million
Birth date: Aug 14, 1966 (53 years old)
Gender: Feminine
Height: 5ft 5in (1.66m)
Job: Actor, Model, Voice Actor, Film Producer, TV Producer
Nationality: United States of America
Last updated: 2019


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