Ludacri’s Fortune – That’s How Rich Ludacris Really Is

Ludacris net worth: Award-winning rapper and actor Ludacris has a net worth of $25 million. One of the most recognizable names in the music industry, Ludacris has built up a considerable fortune and a well-deserved reputation as an imaginative and innovative musician. Alongside other pioneers in the hip hop community, Ludacris helped bring the unique sound of deep South hip hop into the mainstream. In addition to his music career, Ludacris has become an established actor who has credited his name with a long list of impressive achievements. Ludacris has won a number of awards including a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Critic’s Choice Movie Award, an MTV Music Video Award and three Grammy Awards.

On September 11, 1977, a baby boy was born in Champaign, Illinois. Despite being named Christopher Brian Bridges at birth, the world would later come to know him simply as “Ludacris”. Bridges soon moved to Chicago, where he briefly attended high school. He was the only son in his family and the couple moved frequently across America. After a year of high school in Chicago, Christopher Bridges attended high school in Virginia. A year later the family had moved again – this time to Atlanta. It was in this city that Christopher Bridges laid down his roots and became involved in the music community.

After high school, Christopher Bridges attended Georgia State University, where he majored in music management. Although this was Bridges’ first real taste of the music industry, the artist had been writing raps since he was nine. He had also worked with amateur rap groups since he was fourteen. While in college, Ludacris began forming connections with other rappers in the area, such as Timbaland. Ludacris rose to prominence after starring on Timbaland’s track “Phat Rabbit” and promptly began work on his debut album.

Personal Life: Recording for Luda’s debut album Incognegro began in 1998. During recording, the rapper’s stage name became a focal point. In explaining the origin of his name, the musician referred to his “split personality,” which he thought was crazy or “ridiculous.” Apparently, the last four letters of his stage name are a reference to his first name, Chris. Although the album wasn’t very successful when it was released in 1999, it contained enough popular singles to put the rapper on the map.

The singles caught the attention of Def Jam Records, who signed Ludacris and helped him produce his first album for a major record company: Back for the First Time . This album was much more successful than the first independently released entry, peaking at number four on the US Billboard 200. Prominent music industry names were featured on the album including Nate Dogg, Pharrell and UGK.

The rapper’s next two albums were Word of Mouf and Chicken -n-Beer . The latter album was less popular than the first due to a lack of successful singles. Still, by the end of 2003, Ludacris had become a household name. Various singles from both albums were enough to propel Ludacris’ career forward. His music videos were particularly useful tools in keeping the rapper in the spotlight, and he was nominated for a Grammy during this time. He also worked with big names like Snoop Dogg, Chingy and Kanye West.

Ludacris’ fourth album, The Red Light District, peaked at number one on Billboard and featured artists such as DMX, TI and Nas. In 2006, Ludacris released his fifth album, Release Therapy. He continued his pattern of collaborating with other artists and producing hit singles – the most notable of which was “Money Maker”, which went to number one single. The album itself also peaked at number one on the Billboard Albums chart after selling 309,000 copies.

From 2008 to 2009, Ludacris released two more albums: Theater des Geists and Battle of the Sexes . Despite containing many notable singles and collaborations with well-known artists, the albums did not fare as well as Luda’s earlier entries. Ludacris made a strong comeback with the release of his next album Ludaversal . The album received positive reviews and debuted at number three on the Billboard 200.

Ludacris has complemented his musical success with an impressive acting career. Ludacris is best known for roles in films such as the Fast and Furious series, Hustle & Flow and Crash. He has also appeared in various television shows and video games.

Ludacris’ musical career accounts for a large part of his fortune. Between August 2014 and August 2015 alone, Ludacris earned approximately $8 million through his various acting and musical endeavors. However, Ludacris was also involved in a number of other business ventures. These include Conjure Cognac, which he co-owns, and a line of headphones called Soul by Ludacris. The rapper works in real estate and owns his own restaurant. Ludacris also makes money from brand endorsements, most notably from Puma.

Unlike most Southern rappers, Ludacris has a fast, wild flow. Ludacris also frequently weaves comedy into his lyrics. In 2007, Ludacris changed his style to take a darker, more serious approach to his music.

In 2007, Ludacris paid just over $1 million for a condo in Los Angeles. He then bought a second unit in the same building. Eventually he sold one of the units for a loss of around $200,000. In January 2014, Ludacris paid $4.8 million for a home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. He is the longtime owner of a very large and impressive home in Fayetteville, Georgia. In 2009, a fire destroyed his pool house. He was not home at the time of the fire. This is his primary legal residence, which is important to note before reading the next paragraph…

In February 2014, Ludacris was brought to court by a former girlfriend over child support charges. His former girlfriend Tamika Fuller was charging $15,000 a month to help raise their daughter Cai, who was two at the time. Shockingly, Ludacris told the judge he was fighting over money at the time. He reported that his total income for 2013 was only $55,000, but he revealed that his earnings for the past few months have been around $26,000. Ludacris also told the judge that he was expecting a big payday for the Fast and the Furious films, but production had halted at this point due to the tragic death of Paul Walker in December 2013.

According to Georgian law, the income of BOTH parents is taken into account when calculating child support payments. Luda used this rule to argue that his total payment shouldn’t have exceeded $1800 per month. The judge eventually ordered the payments to be $7,000 per month.



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