Morgan Freeman: The Oscar Winner’s Net Worth

Million Euros
birth date June 01, 1937 (84 years old)
Born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States
nationality USA
marital status divorced from Myrna Colley-Lee (since 2010)
job Actor, director, producer, presenter
children 4 (Alfonso, Deena, Saifoulaye, Morgana)

How rich is Morgan Freeman?

With an Oscar winner of this caliber, it should come as no surprise that Morgan Freeman has already amassed a considerable fortune. This insane fortune has ensured that Morgan Freeman has already been able to afford to fulfill one or the other wish. After all, he is not only in possession of a private pilot’s license. Rather, the Hollywood star also has the right aircraft, including, for example, a Cessna Citation 501 SP, a Cessna 414 and an Emivest Aerospace SJ30 aircraft. Morgan Freeman ‘s estimated net worth is $210 million

Honourings and prices

He has also used his fortune in the past to take a political stand. In July 2012 he donated one million US dollars. That money went to a lobby group called Super-PAC Priorities USA Action. This group campaigned for Barack Obama ‘s re-election . When asked why he donated so much money, Freeman said he wanted to recognize Obama’s extraordinary work at a historically difficult time. Above all, however, Morgan Freeman is known throughout the world as one of the most distinguished character actors in all of Hollywood.

He has also received several awards for his acting achievements. The American received the award for his life’s work, the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, in 2017. Despite his multiple nominations, the star was only able to take home one Oscar. He received this in 2005 in the category “Best Supporting Actor” for the film “Million Dollar Baby” .


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