Nas Coinbase

Nas Coinbase

Nas Coinbase

The crypto market isn’t exactly booming lately, but Nas Coinbase is looking like he might be able to cash in on one of the biggest trends in tech. A source familiar with Nas’ plans tells Business Insider that the rapper/businessman/investor is planning to invest heavily in Coinbase, the popular digital currency exchange founded in 2012.

Coinbase announced in January that it had raised $75 million USD in venture capital funding led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from existing investors DCM Ventures and Ribbit Capital. In addition, Coinbase said it planned to go public via a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), rather than raising money through traditional IPO routes.

According to CoinDesk, this means Nas could see a return on his investment of up to $200 million USD. That’s a lot of dough, especially considering he bought into the company for less than half that amount in 2013.

In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, Nas has already been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013. Back then, the value of bitcoin was around $140 per coin. Today, the price is over $10,000 USD. So if you’re thinking about buying some bitcoin, now would probably be a good time to do so.

Debut sales of Moonbird NFTs reach $200 million USD

The collectible sneakers are now worth about $200 million USD. Moonbird, the New York based sneaker startup that raised over $60 million USD in venture capital funding, sold out within minutes of opening up preorders for their first product, the Moonbird NFT. The limited edition sneakers feature 3D printed designs inspired by vintage Nike Air Force Ones. They retail for $495 USD each.

“Wave Runner” YEEZY BOOST 700 and Steven Smith are sole mates

In 2009, Steven Smith took over the creative direction of Adidas Originals. He wanted to make sneakers that looked like no one else’s shoes. A few years later, he did just that with the introduction of the YEEZY Boost 350 V2.

The shoe’s signature outsole pattern and colorway had never been seen before. Its unique shape gave it a futuristic look — something you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The silhouette became a hit, selling out almost immediately.

Fast forward to today, and we see a similar situation play out again. This time around, it’s designer Ye Ji Hoon taking the reins. His vision is to take the sneaker world by storm once again. And now, you can see why.

Ye’s work has already changed the way people view footwear. In fact, his designs are so popular that some people call him the next Kanye West. But what makes him different from others is how he blends fashion and function together seamlessly.

For example, the latest release from his collection is the YEEZY Wave Runner 700. This model features a special outsole pattern inspired by waves. Not only does it give it a cool aesthetic, but it also helps absorb impact force during intense workouts.

And while the Wave Runner is designed for performance, it still looks good enough to wear casually. So whether you want to run errands or go out for drinks, you won’t have to worry about looking overdressed.

Dickies Workwear Takes Center Stage in Willy Chavarria’s Fall 2022 “UNCUT” Collection

The designer behind Willy Chavarria has been working hard to bring his brand into the mainstream over the past few seasons. His latest collection, titled UNCUT, plays with classic Dickies workwear while adding some modern twists. In addition to the usual leather jacket and denim pieces, there are plenty of interesting accessories like a hoodie featuring a dagger collar and a bomber jacket with a button down front and a zipper pocket on the chest. Other items include a pair of pants with a cutout crotch and boots with a zip closure.

This week’s Business and Crypto Roundup includes Rihanna’s IPO plans and BAYC’s ApeCoin launch.

Instagram is planning to add non-fungible tokens (NFTs), according to a report published Wednesday. The social media giant reportedly plans to launch NFTs in early 2020. The feature will allow users to buy virtual items such as digital art pieces, collectibles, and even pets.

The move could help boost the popularity of the app among young people. In September 2018, Instagram introduced a similar feature called Memes & Stories, allowing users to purchase stickers and GIFs. However, it didn’t take long for the feature to become saturated, leading to a drop in usage.

In addition, tech companies are working hard to bring crypto into mainstream life. Just recently, Facebook announced Libra, a cryptocurrency backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Other big names like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and PayPal are also working on developing their own cryptocurrencies.

Streams for 31 days break Twitch subscriber record

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been streaming live since 2013, but it wasn’t until December 2018 that he reached the milestone of 300,000 followers on Twitch. His audience grew further in January 2019 when his channel hit 270,000 subs, making him one of the most popular streamers on the site. But now, he’s passed another record holder: Ludwig Ahrenberg. On February 2nd, the Swedish YouTuber surpassed the subscriber count of Ninja with a total of 31 days of continuous gameplay.

Ahrenberg began streaming on YouTube in July 2016 and quickly became known for his entertaining commentary and high level play. He has amassed over 3.2 million views across his channels, and has become a regular fixture in the competitive Fortnite scene. In November 2017, he achieved the feat of hitting 5 million subscribers on YouTube, where he had posted videos every single day since June 15th, 2012.

There is a 928% increase in DMX’s streams following his death

The streams of DMX are surging following the death of the iconic hip hop artist. The rapper died Friday night at the age of 50. While fans mourned his passing, some unscrupulous people took advantage of the situation. There are reports of fake Twitter accounts popping up claiming to be from DMX’s mother and sister, along with others impersonating him.

According to TMZ, the family has been warning the public about the scam artists since news broke of DMX’s death. “We’ve seen several different scams related to his name,” one source told the site. “There’s a lot of money being made off of it.”


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