The best home office jobs for moms

The ability to work from home is also important for parents, which can make raising children or helping them with homework less difficult. The idea of ​​working from home isn’t new, and remote work has also been on the rise over the years. But the world was turned upside down when the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc earlier last year.

This also forced more companies to allow work from home and that sparked people’s interest in being able to work without having to go to the office.

The opportunity to work from home is also important for parents, as it makes raising children or helping them with their homework less difficult.

However, not all remote work (also called teleworking) is the same! Below we present the best home office jobs for moms and dads that can offer good pay and more flexibility.

The status of telework (remote jobs) in Germany

In recent years, the telework industry has experienced a veritable boom.

With the advent of the gig economy and easier access to online jobs, people around the world can now compete internationally to earn.

In fact, 40% of us now rely on the gig economy for most of our income, with some even taking on multiple part-time jobs.

In addition to the current outlook, the future also looks bright, with more than 80% of large companies planning to increase their use of flexible workers.

Benefits of working from home

So what are the benefits of working online?

For parents in particular, more flexibility means you can spend more time with your kids and have more control over working hours.

Maybe you work during school hours or maybe you prefer a night job – the point is that it’s your choice and when it suits you.

In addition, you may experience some mental health benefits as well. Working from home can be more enjoyable and productive than a typical 9-5 job.

90% of workers working from home said they feel better work ethic and intrinsic motivation compared to their previous jobs, which is likely impacting the overall productivity and quality of work at these organizations.

Finally, all of the jobs we list can be done by men or women (and there are others that might interest you).

More than 50% of freelancers say they would never return to an office job, regardless of the compensation offered. That’s a number that’s hard to disagree with.

However, we know that not everyone shares this attitude. So for this article, we’ve looked at jobs with a solid salary range (which can vary based on experience and skills) and reasonable flexibility.

The best home office jobs for mothers & fathers

The truth is, there are far more ways to work online now than ever before.

Flexible working is so easy, and many traditional workspaces can also be adapted for remote work. Here are some of the best stay-at-home jobs for moms and dads.

1. Transcription

A transcriber simply writes down what someone else is saying. In situations like in court, they create a voice record or take notes in meetings.

With most meetings these days being handled via Zoom or other video conferencing software, there is still a high demand for transcriptionists.

But beware: you’ll likely be working in real time, so you’ll need short handwriting or quick typing skills to excel in this role. The typical wage is around 15-20 euros per hour.

2. Account Manager

With the rise of businesses that operate remotely, so are customers from far away who still need a high quality of care and service.

Customer service representatives can work over the phone, through email, or in live chat programs to resolve issues and retain their customers.

This is more of an entry-level position with typical working hours, but it also offers opportunities for advancement and further training that other positions do not have.

The typical wage for a customer service agent is around $12-15 per hour. However, one can earn much more depending on experience and work requirements.

3. Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant industry has exploded in recent years as more and more people with general administrative skills go online.

The responsibilities associated with this role are diverse but can include data entry, content creation, blog writing, calendar planning, and more.

This activity can be both freelance and permanent, depending on what you prefer. The average hourly rate for VAs is 18-25 euros per hour.

However, those who specialize in certain programs or skills (e.g. a technical VA or a graphic designer VA) will find that their hourly rate can increase to around 40-50 euros.

4. Translator

It goes without saying that the job of a translator is suitable for those who are at least bilingual. This work involves reading and writing texts and is in high demand as businesses become more global.

There is a wide variety of content to translate including white papers, e-books, articles, websites and much more.

Some companies require you to have a qualification as a translator, while others simply require proof of your language skills.

The average salary for a translator is currently just over €40,000, although some freelancers earn significantly more.

5. Graphic Designer

For those with the appropriate skills and training, graphic design jobs can easily be done remotely and pay at the higher end of the pay scale.

Graphic designers create visual concepts and bring ideas to life using technical software and programs. This can be e-books, display ads, printed materials, etc.

The average salary for a salaried graphic designer is a whopping $40,000, while freelancers tend to earn more lucratively.

6. Copy Editor

Copy editors (proofreaders) pay attention to grammar and perform proofreading (i.e. “copy”) for all types of text.

In addition to correcting spelling and grammar, copy editors can also select the most compelling or most appropriate language for each text.

Some editors specialize solely in proofreading websites, while others also edit books. The tasks of an editor look different in every company and with every customer.

The average salary for a beginner is 25 euros per hour, although there are many opportunities for increases with increasing experience.

7. Event Planner

Event planning may have faltered a bit this year, but the multi-billion dollar industry will soon be back and providing jobs again.

Depending on your specific role, event planning can include structuring and coordinating various events, selecting vendors, caterers and venues.

The role may specialize in corporate events or may focus on weddings and honeymoons, for example. The average event planner starts out with a salary of $40,000-$45,000.

8. Writer

“ Writer ” is a very broad term, but it includes anyone who uses words to explain ideas (like we are doing right now!).

Some of us are content writers, with a specialty in blogs and articles, and a particular focus on search engine optimization. You will also know that there are magazine and newspaper writers and book authors.

You can even get paid to write product descriptions for Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Each of these jobs requires different skills, but on average, a beginner writer earns an average of $50,000.

9. Content Marketer

Most of us consume tons of content through our social media apps every day, including Instagram posts, Tiktok videos, and internet infographics.

Have you ever thought about who creates this content? In addition to the graphics and posts themselves, these marketers also develop the overall strategy and goals of their content.

Typically, someone in this role will also track and collect statistics on the impact of their work and report on key metrics. A content marketer can expect a salary of around 40,000 – 45,000 euros.

10. IT Support

The main job of an IT support agent is to oversee IT operations at a workplace and resolve any issues that arise.

This is definitely one of the more traditional office jobs and it might be hard to imagine that this job can be done remotely as it is very hands-on.

However, IT support tasks can also be performed over the phone or online with the same level of effectiveness. Anyone who practices this profession can expect an annual salary of around 35,000 euros.

11. Accountant

Unlike an accountant, an accountant requires no special qualifications and is not bound by a cumbersome industry norm.

The job of an accountant is to clearly present a company’s income and expenses and to oversee all financial transactions.

The job is suitable for someone who can think analytically or has a keen attention to detail. On average, an entry-level accountant typically earns around $40,000.

12. Tutor

As a tutor, you will work with children and young people outside of school hours to support them in their learning.

You can tutor domestically via Zoom, but there is also a great demand for English tutors working in overseas markets.

In China, for example, there is a high demand for native speakers to tutor online, and the time zone difference can prove ideal for after-school hours. Tutors working for well-known agencies can expect an hourly wage of between 15 and 30 euros.

13. Sales Representative

If you are a competitive individual who is confident in your abilities, a position as a sales representative or commission-based sales representative could be for you.

In this role, you may work from a sales script to call or email prospects and convert them into customers.

They may also be tasked with retaining or upselling existing customers and will likely be trained.

The average salary for sales reps was €50,000 in 2019 but has continued to rise since then. Don’t forget that the company you work for may also pay a commission.

14. Data Entry Clerk

A data entry assistant requires minimal skills and can work from anywhere as long as they have internet access and pay attention to details.

The task may involve entering account details or sorting information from one program to another. The task can also consist of compiling various datasets into reports and presenting them to other team members.

Data entry clerks can make around $12-15 an hour with minimal experience.

15. Online teacher

An online teacher provides a similar service to a tutor, but is often better qualified, as the role requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

Also known as distance learning; the students interact with the teacher either in a 1:1 session or similar to a normal classroom.

With the events of 2020, the demand for online education is at an all-time high, so qualified applicants should find jobs easily. The average wage you can expect is around 35 euros per hour.

16. Start an online business

If you’re ready to start your own business, starting an online business can be a great way to earn a living for working-from-home parents.

There are a variety of options, e.g. B. You can start a blog (like this one!).

Alternatively, drop shipping is a popular form of online business where business owners bypass production to market and sell products made elsewhere, taking a stake in the process.

Amazon FBA is another twist on this, and sites like Etsy cater to handcrafted creative vendors.

Unfortunately, there is no average salary for this type of work as it entirely depends on which path you take and how successful you are. But there’s a reason so many people are getting into this industry.

17. Fitness Instructor

In recent years, social media has evolved the fitness industry and shaped the health and fitness trends we see today.

Due to the reach of social media, more and more fitness instructors, personal trainers and coaches are working virtually.

This means lower expenses (no studio rental or a gym) and higher revenue as they can reach clients all over the world. As a basic rate, a fitness trainer can count on around 30,000 euros per year.

18. Web Designer

For the technologically creative among you, a job as a web designer offers lucrative rewards.

As this is a relatively new industry, mostly run by freelancers, there is high demand and little competition compared to some of the other jobs on this list.

The role may include structural design of websites along with page design, branding and copywriting.

Technically, you can start in this industry with no formal qualifications, but you’ll likely need a strong portfolio of work before landing a client. A newer web designer makes about $45,000 a year.

19. Programmer

For those with an interest and knowledge in programming, programming jobs involve maintaining mobile applications and websites.

This job is for highly skilled individuals, but there are a number of beginner courses and resources for anyone looking to learn and get into the industry.

Besides creating apps and programs, programmers also troubleshoot and run tests to integrate their products with other software. The average salary of a programmer is 70,000 euros.

20. Recruitment Coordinator

A recruitment coordinator (recruitment coordinator) deals with the hiring process for companies.

Typically, this is an employee who writes and posts job descriptions, finds and qualifies applicants, conducts interviews and may also initiate the hiring process.

They work alongside other HR staff and earn around $25 an hour on average.

21. Social Media Managers

Social media managers are responsible for increasing brand awareness, increasing conversion rate and tracking interactions across different platforms.

Working closely with a content marketer, they may also be responsible for strategy, graphics, timing, and writing headline copy.

A social media manager will likely not require any formal training or qualifications, but should have a strong portfolio that demonstrates their impact on companies in their chosen industry or niche.

Social media managers can be employees or freelancers and typically make around $35,000 to $40,000 per year.

22. Virtual Travel Agency

Virtual Travel Agents can work from anywhere in the world, even on the beach! Your job is to take your vacation ideas, plan, book and monitor the trip to make sure everything runs smoothly.

But beware: some virtual travel agent jobs may be scams or multi-level marketing companies that require you to build a downline from other members of the team and do not guarantee a good income.

A reputable virtual travel agent can expect to earn in the region of $50,000, and the job may include a commission on top of the base salary.

23. Photographer/photo editor

It’s easy to pick up a camera and call yourself a photographer, but working in that capacity also requires rapport with your clients and the ability to fully understand their ideas.

Photo editors require similar skills, as well as software knowledge and the ability to edit photos to suit their clients’ needs.

A freelance photographer is likely to make around $30 an hour, and the job may also involve travel, which can be an advantage.

The best places to find reputable remote jobs

One thing you want to avoid is remote job scams or multi-level marketing scams that advertise false promises.

Instead, you should look for legal jobs that offer you great opportunities for part-time or full-time work, depending on your needs. Below are some websites where you can find remote job and freelance opportunities.

Flex Jobs

The Flex Jobs network offers reputable, vetted work-from-home offers – ideal for parents who need a little more flexibility.

Essentially, it’s a job board that allows you to filter results by industry, job type, and even how remote the job actually is.

You can e.g. B. Choose a part-time position with teleworking or full remote work. There is a membership fee to join the site, but this covers the cost of reviewing each and every job posting to ensure applicants are not wasting their time on scams.


Remotive also displays over 1,800 positions, all of which are suitable for international applicants and can only be filled remotely. Jobs are sorted by function, including categories such as:

  • customer care
  • software development
  • businesses, and more

The company also offers various community channels, such as Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

We Work Remotely

We Work is known for its co-working spaces, but did you know the company also offers remote jobs?

Again, the vacancies are categorized according to the skills required and have a community of over 2.5 million visitors. The website is free for applicants, but companies have to pay to place job ads.


Indeed is one of the most popular job boards because it covers both on-site and remote positions. To search for a work from home job, just type remote in the search bar.


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