The richest people in the world 2022

The richest people in the world 2022

The richest people in the world 2022

Who is the richest person in the world?

A million euros is a lot of money for our one. For some people, though, that’s peanuts. The richest people in the world have such unspeakably large assets , just the idea of ​​​​this sum is already incomprehensible. The capital of these people does not only consist of money that is kept in the bank. Stocks and shares in companies make up the bulk of their assets. These in particular always fluctuate a bit, which means that the ranking is constantly changing. We constantly determine the current stock prices and can always present you with the richest people in the world  . We convert the billions of US dollars into euros using the current daily exchange rate.

The individual positions of the richest people often differed only slightly. Thus, a rise or fall in a stock price can change the entire ranking. It is also striking that there are many Americans at the top of the list. The USA has the largest number of billionaires in the world and also has the largest tech companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Oracle.

The richest man in the world: Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the richest man in the world and at the same time the richest person on this planet. With his companies Tesla and SpaceX, he built an empire that is currently unparalleled. He is still at the top of the corporations himself and, as the richest man in the world , is increasing the gap to number 2.

The richest woman in the world: Alice Walton

Alice Walton is the richest woman in the world . She is the youngest daughter of one of the three heirs of the late Walmart founder Sam Walton. All in all, Alice Walton holds “only” 10% of Walmart and has never held a managerial position herself, but that is enough to be listed as the richest woman in the world .


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