what does op mean in gaming

“OP” is often used in connection with games like League of Legends,  Battleborn  or  Destiny  , but you can also encounter it in fighting games like  Tekken ,  Street Fighter  etc. Especially in competitive games with classes, races or special characters, gamers like to discuss “OP Champs”. But that doesn’t mean the hero should head for the nearest operating room, because “OP” doesn’t stand for operation. In fact, “OP” in yodel means the same as “OJ” found under some creative posts. If you don’t want to ask about the meaning in a PM, you can find out here what the abbreviations “OP” and “OJ” stand for . When it comes to multiplayer games that involve classes, races, or simply different heroes, the community also likes to refer to them as “OP Champs”. But what does a gamer mean when they write character X “is OP”?

  • In this case, the abbreviation “OP” stands for “overpowered”.
  • In German, OP means “overwhelmed / overwhelmed”, but that doesn’t fit the actual meaning of OP in this case. Rather, it means that a champion is “too strong” in the game.
  • There are always characters in games who are unusually strong or whose skills cause too much damage. This upsets the balance of the game and the opposing team feels disadvantaged.
  • If the champion balance is unbalanced, the game developers often tinker with the characters afterwards and give them an overhaul – a so-called rework, in which the character or only certain attributes  are nerfed  . Then, for example, the attack damage is weakened with the rework – in gamer slang we would say “damage is nerfed with the rework”.
  • But one or the other item is also referred to as “OP”: For example, if you regenerate a lot of mana or life after a kill.

Examples of “OP” in LoL and Overwatch

For example, despite numerous revisions, there are some champions in League of Legends that like to make opponents despair:

  • On the one hand, there is Darius, who almost certainly gets his kill with the easy ganking combo (E + Q + W + R), or Master Yi, who can also heal himself after a pentakill. We must also not forget the much loved and hated Teemo, who fills the whole map with poisonous mushrooms that can only be uncovered with a few items.
  • In Overwatch , too  , fans like to discuss whether Bastion, Lucio and McCree deserve a rework to optimize the game’s balance. For example, after Bastion is nerfed, he’s less open field tolerant and less tanky.

The “OP” in co-op games

The so-called coop mode in games stands for the cooperation mode. Game variant in which you fight opponents together, i.e. “cooperatively”, in a team. If you want to support each other while gambling and are still looking for the right game, we have selected the best couch co-op games for you .

What do OJ and OP mean in Jodel?

Jodel is a kind of trash chat in which users anonymously post their thoughts, funny sayings and other things from their everyday lives on the Jodel pinboard. As a reward and if you rate other posts, you will receive karma. Here we explain to you what these karma points bring . You can also reply to a post by clicking yodel back . Sometimes these answers have “OP” or “/OP” at the end of the yodel – but what does that mean?

  • “OP” in Jodel means Original Poster. So here is the answer from the one who wrote the original Jodel.
  • For example, if you yodel that you are stuck on a train waiting between two stations and pass this tip on to your fellow yodelers, they might ask you for details: Is the train still standing? What is the reason for the S-Bahn disruption? Then you can write ” Apparently  a switch fault. /op”

Update OJ in Jodel – the long-awaited feature Since the end of July 2016, there has been an innovation in the Jodel update that is positive for users. Answers to a yodel are now sometimes marked on the right with a crown and the letters “OJ”. This shows you whether the “Original Jodel”, or the person who wrote the original Jodel, also wrote the answer. This means that the manual “OP” labeling under posts should no longer be necessary and nobody can simply pretend to be the “original poster”.


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