How to help Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a protocol that was born from a small community and grew rapidly. There are many things you can do to help Bitcoin spread and improve.

Use Bitcoin

Of course, using Bitcoin is the first thing you can do to help its development. There are probably several cases where it can already make your life easier. And you can accept to be paid with Bitcoins yourself.

Being a node the network

You can become part of the bitcoin network by leaving the  original bitcoin software running permanently on your computer. You can also mine Bitcoin to help the network become ever more secure in addition to helping transaction processing. Be careful, however, this activity, very energy-intensive, is absolutely not profitable for an individual unless you have a very inexpensive or free source of electricity.

To develop

Bitcoin’s source code is open. So if you are a developer, you can use your superpowers to do good and  improve Bitcoin . But you can also build fantastic services or software that will work with Bitcoin.


Talk about Bitcoin to interested people. Write about Bitcoin in your blog. Tell your favorite store that you wish you could pay with Bitcoin. Or get creative and get a great bitcoin t-shirt printed.

Share your experience and knowledge

The  Bitcoin Wiki  has an impressive amount of detailed information. And the wiki is in constant search of improvement in the same way as Wikipedia. You can help keep the wiki up to date and help protect the accuracy of every piece of information presented.


The original Bitcoin software is already translated into several languages. However, you can  translate it  into new languages ​​as well as check if you can improve existing translations. More translations in the  Bitcoin Wiki  would also be greatly appreciated!

Help newcomers

You can join  bitcoin communities  to help and assist new users. And you can chat about Bitcoin with other users and learn more every day.