Who is the Amazon Visa/Credit card for?

With the Amazon Visa card, you score points with every card payment, even outside of Amazon.de. There are discounts. Here you can find out for whom the Amazon credit card is really worthwhile.

The Amazon credit card is issued by Landesbank Berlin (LBB) . With an annual fee of 19.99 euros, the card is not one of the cheapest credit cards. In order for the credit card to be worthwhile, holders must collect points via the included bonus program. There is a starting credit of 20 euros for new customers. Other additional benefits of the Visa credit card are a travel discount of 6 percent on travel bookings with Urlaubplus and the choice between different motif cards.

Amazon card holders can access an overview of their LBB card account via online banking. You can view all current transactions, card transactions and invoices via the online account. In addition, various settings, such as the installment amount for partial payments, can be specified.

Amazon credit card bonus program: Good conditions for Prime members

The Amazon credit card stands out above all due to the included bonus program from competing products. Amazon credit card holders can use their credit card to collect bonus points when they make purchases from Amazon or other retailers, both online and outside the online world. Prime members benefit from the better conditions. Points are awarded as follows:

Payment on Amazon

  • Without Prime membership: Two bonus points per euro spent
  • As a Prime member: Three bonus points for every euro you spend

Payment at other merchants (wherever Visa is accepted)

  • For everyone: One bonus point for every two euros you spend

The bonus points can be credited either to purchases from Amazon.de or to the annual fee. One point is equivalent to one cent. Cardholders who collect enough bonus points can offset the annual base fee. In order to pay the card fee, you must make a card transaction of more than 1000 euros at Amazon or more than 4000 euros at other retailers.

How much does the Amazon credit card cost?

With the free credit cards, there are significantly cheaper credit cards on the German market than the Amazon credit card. A replacement and emergency card is available free of charge with the shipping giant’s credit card, but there are fees for other things.

  • annual fee

LBB charges an annual fee of EUR 19.99 for the main card, and there is no fee for new customers in the first year. For Prime members, on the other hand, there are no fees. A partner card can also be applied for for an annual basic fee of 9.99 euros. With the partner card, the basic fee does not apply in the first year if the application is made within the first free year of the main card (as of July 2021).

  • debit interest

As a real credit card, the Visa credit card from Amazon has its own credit limit. Loans can be repaid in installments or in total. When paying in installments, users can choose between a fixed rate of at least €100 or percentage rates of 10% of the invoice amount (at least €50). Anyone who uses the Amazon credit card’s installment function must expect comparatively high interest rates of 14.98 percent (as of July 2021).

  • Cash Withdrawal Fees

As long as cardholders withdraw cash from the card account balance, cash withdrawals at ATMs are free of charge. Holders who use the card’s credit limit for cash withdrawals pay fees. Domestically, there are fees of three percent and at least 7.50 euros. Abroad, there are costs of three percent and at least 5.00 euros when withdrawing cash from the credit line. For non-euro currencies, there is an additional foreign transaction fee of 1.75 percent (as of July 2021).

  • Currency Conversion Fee

The foreign transaction fee of 1.75 percent applies to all payments and cash withdrawals outside the euro zone and therefore does not apply to transactions in euros. (Status: July 2021).

Who is the Amazon credit card for?

In summary, the Amazon credit card is worthwhile for people who

  • Are an Amazon Prime member and make annual sales of over 1000 euros with the online retailer
  • use the Amazon credit card regularly and achieve high sales
  • Withdraw cash only from existing card balance
  • do not use the partial payment function, but repay loans in total in the monthly statement
  • Use another credit card abroad with low or no foreign transaction fees

For new customers, the Amazon credit card is initially worthwhile even without high card transactions: Amazon waives the basic fee in the first year, gives away a starting credit of 20 euros and the bonus points collected are added. New customers who find that they are not collecting enough points to save on the basic fee due next year can simply cancel the card. Owners should always keep an eye on the cost traps in debit interest, fees for cash withdrawals and abroad.

Visa credit card application

To apply for the Amazon Visa credit card, applicants must:

  • have an Amazon customer account or create one when applying for a card
  • be 18 years or older
  • have their place of residence in Germany
  • a bank account from the euro payments area (SEPA)
  • have sufficient creditworthiness

Anyone who meets the requirements can simply apply for the Amazon credit card online via “amazon.de” . Applicants must log in to the website with their customer data, fill out the form provided and send it off. Amazon offsets the starting credit with the first card statement. A prerequisite for a successful card application is that the credit check is positive.

Based on the credit rating, the Landesbank Berlin also determines the credit limit of the Amazon card. If there are no problems with the applicant’s creditworthiness in the first check, the credit card will be activated with a limit of 200 or 210 euros. Owners can start shopping right away. After a more detailed check, LBB sets the actual card limit after about 14 days. Applicants can also request a desired limit for their credit card.

How can I cancel the Amazon credit card?

The Amazon credit card has no set minimum term. Holders can cancel their credit card at any time.

  • Step 1: Repay any loan

Before customers cancel the Visa credit card, they should make sure that the card has no credit on it. After a successful cancellation, the repayment of the loan is usually due within 14 days.

  • Step 2: Write a resignation letter

Cancellation of the Amazon credit card must be made in writing and sent by post or fax. The resignation letter should include the following:

  • Surname
  • address
  • customer number
  • Date and signature

Customers should also ask in the letter when and for written confirmation of the termination. With a pre-formulated letter of termination, the step is quickly taken.


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