Black knife catacombs

Black knife catacombs

Black knife catacombsThe Black Knife Catacombs are located deep within the mountains of the Liurnia region in Elden Ring. They are an optional dungeon that is part of the questline for the “Ascendancy”. In order to access this dungeon, you must speak with the NPC named “Razu” in the town of Kephalos. Razu will ask if you want to explore the catacombs. If you choose yes, she’ll send you out into the wilderness where you’ll find a small cave. Inside the cave, there is a chest containing some loot and a miniboss called Foe. After defeating him, he drops a key item that opens up the door leading into the catacombs. Once inside, you’ll see a large room filled with skeletons and necromancers. You’ll need to kill them all to open up the rest of the dungeon. There are three chests in total; each chest has a different amount of treasure inside. The chests contain the following:

Treasure Chest #1 – 2x Treasure Chest #2 – 4x Treasure Chest #3 – 3x

After killing all of the enemies, you’ll notice a locked gate blocking the way forward. To unlock it, you’ll need to use the key item that dropped off the boss. Once you do, you’ll enter another larger room with four doors. Each door leads to a different area of the dungeon. One of those areas is the final boss fight.

After beating the boss, you’ll receive a reward based on how far you progressed through the dungeon. If you beat the entire dungeon without dying, you’ll earn a level 15 weapon called the “Frostbitten Blade”, which increases your attack power by 10% per stack. Also, if you manage to complete the dungeon without dying, you will receive a unique mount called the “Shadowcat.”

How to Get to Black Knife Catacombs

The Black Knife Catacombs are located near the town of Black Knife, northwest of the Erdtree. They’re accessible via a hidden entrance on the east side of the mountain, guarded by Lhutel the headless. This area is known as the site of grace because it contains a pair of double doors leading to a large burial chamber. You’ll find the catacombs in the same region as the Shrine of the Silver Hand, where you’ll find another spectral headless enemy named Ashen.

Black Knife Catacombs Walkthrough

In the Black Knife Catacombs, you’ll find a lot of Skeletons. You’ll want to avoid hitting them too hard, because they will revive themselves. They are weak against fire damage, and it takes about 3 hits to kill one of them. If you’re having trouble, try to hit them while they’re standing still.

You’ll also see some skulls scattered around the catacombs. These skulls are called “Root Resins”. When you pick up a skull, there will be a small amount of root resin inside. This is how you make the Skull Cleanser.

The best way to deal with the Skeletons is to use the Skull Cleanser on them. Once you do, they will drop a bunch of bones. Pick those up, and you’ll turn into a skeleton yourself. Use the bones to fight off the skeletons.

There is a summoning pool at the end of the catacombs. There are three types of creatures here. One is a Vampire. Vampires don’t attack unless provoked. To provoke them, run over them with your feet. Another type of creature is a Werewolf. Werewolves don’t attack unless provoked either. Run over them or jump on them to provoke them.

If you walk near the pool, you might hear something like “Ahhh!” coming from the water. That’s the sound of a Hydra. A hydra doesn’t attack unless provoked. So, just keep walking.

When you exit the catacombs, you’ll come across a locked door. On the wall next to the door is a Root Resin. Take it, and you’ll unlock the door. Inside the room is a grave gloveweed. Pick it up, and you’ll learn what it does.

Boss Fight – Black Knife Assassin

The Black Knife Assassin is a far more aggressive version of the one you can find in the in Limbrige. It has a similar set of moves, but they are performed even quicker, making it a much more dangerous foe.

Like the other Black Knife Assassin variants, it performs a spinning slash at the start of each attack, which sends you flying backwards. However, unlike the other Assassins, it does not stop there. Instead, it follows up with another slashing move, sending you flying again.

This makes it much harder to dodge, especially since it is performing multiple spins per strike. You must remain aware of where it is positioned, and avoid getting hit while it winds down.

Boss Fight – Cemetery Shade

The Cemetery Shade is a terrifying foe that lurks in the shadows of the graveyard. Its deadly combination of mobility and offensive power make it a difficult enemy to fight against. But don’t let its size fool you — the Cemetery Shade is just as vulnerable as any other boss.

It starts by throwing out a barrage of projectiles. The first projectile is a poison cloud that deals damage every second for 5 seconds. The second projectile is an energy ball that deals damage every second until it explodes. The third projectile is a shockwave that knocks back nearby enemies.

Each projectile has a different effect, so it’s important to know when to block and when to counterattack. For example, if the shade throws out a poison cloud, then immediately after it fires a shockwave, you should quickly dash towards it and try to knock it away before it hits you. If you’re too slow, however, you could get caught in the explosion.

After this initial onslaught, the shade begins to cast a spell. It casts a single-target heal spell every 2 seconds. While this is active, the shade will also periodically throw out a shadow bolt. This shadow bolt deals damage every second for 10 seconds.

To defeat the shade, you need to be quick enough to dodge all of its attacks, and strong enough to withstand its spells.

After defeating the shade, you’ll receive a reward: a piece of the Necronomicon.

 Road’s End Catacombs

Road’s End Catacombs – As you make your way deeper into the catacombs, you’ll encounter a variety of monsters and traps. You’ll even find a few items along the way.

– Road’s End Catacsms is coming to PS4, Xbox Series X/XO, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on August 30th.



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