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Net Worth: Michael K. Williams – How Much Money Does Michael K. Williams Really Have

The early death of “The Wire” star Michael K. Williams shocked Hollywood. According to media reports, Williams died of a drug overdose. Only a few months ago he had been talking about his demons.

In “The Wire,” Michael K. Williams played Omar Little, a gay robber who scared the neighborhood drug dealers. Because if Omar came, it didn’t bode well for her. The actor has never been silent about the fact that drugs have also played a dramatic role in Williams’ private life.

Michael K. Williams died at the age of 54
He spent his salary on drugs himself, and the line between himself and the role in the series blurred more and more. “I used Omar as a means of escape,” he once told the British Guardian. He incorporated the dark role in such a way that it had (too) great influence on the person Michael K. Williams. Williams was found dead in his New York penthouse at the age of 54 after loved ones couldn’t reach him over the weekend. The newspaper “New York Post” reported, citing the investigative authorities, that Williams died as a result of an alleged drug overdose.

In one of his last interviews, Williams said he was going into therapy again. After filming the HBO series “Lovecraft Country” he got help.

Some of his early projects included Bullet, Bringing Out the Dead, Law & Order and The Sopranos. In 2002, he was cast in the role that would bring him greatest fame, as Omar Little on The Wire. From 2010 to 2014 he starred in Boardwalk Empire. In March 2016, his new show Hap and Leonard premiered on SundanceTV.

He was just in therapy

“I’ve just started therapy and I’m taking it really seriously and starting to (…) unpack the critic in my head and how that has affected my actions, my reactions to certain situations, my relationships,” he told presenter Tamron hello “Drugs and alcohol aren’t the problem, they’re just the symptoms of the problem. And once those things go away, that’s when the real work begins, you know. Working on all the character flaws, the moral compass—the crooked moral compass.” , he said.

In the end, Williams lost the fight against the underlying problem.

Williams acted in various film and television projects from the mid ’90s to the early 2000s. He’s known for his big scar on his face and most of his roles are thugs. The scar is from a fight at a bar when he was 25. Some of his early projects are Bullet, Bringing Out the Dead, Law & Order and The Sopranos. The role that made him famous in 2002 was Omar Little in The Wire. He is currently seen as a co-star in Boardwalk Empire.

Assets: $5 million
Birth date: Nov 22, 1966 (53 years old)
Gender: Masculine
Height: 5ft 10in (1.8m)
Job: Actor, choreographer, dancer, model, voice actor
Nationality: United States of America



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