Joe Biden: Net Worth & Salary as US President

Joe Biden: Net Worth & Salary as US President

Joe Biden: Net Worth & Salary as US President

Million Euros
U.S. dollar
Vice President Salary (2009 – 2017) $230,000/year
birth date November 20, 1942 (79 years old)
Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
nationality USA
marital status married to Jill Biden (since 1977)
Full name Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.
nickname joe
children 4 (Hunter, Ashley, Beau †, Naomi †)

How Much Money Does Joe Biden Have?

Joe Biden is the 46th US President to be formally inaugurated on January 20, 2021. The Democrat won the 2020 US election, replacing Republican President Donald Trump . In the top US office, he draws a salary of 400,000 US dollars per year. Joe Biden ‘s current net worth is estimated at $7.5 million .

For a long time, the US President was considered one of the “poorer” politicians in Congress and saw himself as part of the middle class. It was only during and after his vice presidency that Biden made a fortune from appearances ($40,000-$190,000 per speech) and his best-selling book Promise Me, Dad ($11 million in sales).

A career in politics

Senator for Delaware (1973-2009)

Joe Biden Merit

In the US Senate election in 1972, Joe Biden surprisingly won for the state of Delaware at the age of only 29 and represented Delaware in the US Senate from 1973.

He was able to repeat this electoral success a total of five times until 2009 before he became Vice President under Barack Obama. As a Senator, he earned from $42,500 (1973) to $174,000 (2009)/year during his lengthy 36- year tenure .

US Presidential Candidates (1988 & 2008)

In 1987, the politician already wanted to become US President and announced his candidacy for the office starting in 1988. After only 6 weeks he withdrew from the race because of serious allegations of plagiarism.

In 2007, Biden also ran for the Democrats in a possible US presidential election in 2008. However, he had absolutely no chance in the Democratic primaries. African -American Barack Obama won the race and became the Democratic front-runner for the 2008 US elections.

Vice President under Obama (2009-2017)

Joe Biden Salary as President

Presidential candidate Obama entered the race for the highest office in the USA in 2008 and declared Joe Biden as his running mate on August 23, 2008. The election was won by a majority of 28 states and Vice President Biden was officially sworn in on January 20, 2009. The election for the second term of office of Obama / Biden was also won overwhelmingly and nothing stood in the way of a second term as Vice President (2013 – 2017). As Vice President, Joe Biden earned $230,000 per year .

Originally, Biden also wanted to run for US President against Trump in the 2016 election, but decided against it due to the tragic cancer death of his eldest son Beau in 2015. He then supported his Democratic colleague Hillary Clinton in the election campaign against Donald Trump .


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